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Nr. 0457 Retired - Lost to Hurricane Ian
Posted October 29, 2022

Sad new to report...our fellow owner Bob in Bonita Beach, FL has informed us that his lovely 911 40th (Nr. 0457) was lost to Hurricane Ian last month.   It was literally lost - vanished and not found!  Thankfully the insurance company took care of it for Bob and, even more thankfully, Bob is safe and sound.  One fewer 40 Jahre 911 in the world.  Here are some photos of her for memory sake.  Enjoy your cars, folks - never know what can happen.

0457 Bob Thomson.jpg
0457 - 448.JPG
0457 - 451.JPG

New USA Record - 14 "40 Jahre 911" cars in one pic!
Posted October 22, 2022

Our Northern California owners set the new mark for our USA owners to beat when 14 of them gathered at the PCA Diablo Region Concours last weekend.  Thanks to Vern (Nr. 1210) and John (Nr. 0667) for organizing the group.  Still a few cars shy of the world record of 16 set by our UK owners in 2021 at Silverstone.  Well done, everyone!





























2022 Silverstone
Posted September 4, 2022

Five of our cars featured at Silverstone this year:  Nr. 0509, 0429, and 1261 together and Nr. 0636 and Nr. 0704 in other areas.  Well done!




























L-R 0509 0429 1261.jpg
0636 - John Spear.jpg
David Fisher - 0704.jpg

2021 Silverstone Classic Info - 911 40th UK meet-up
Posted March 17, 2021

Here are the details for this year's Silverstone Classic event  ( courtesy of Steve Rayner (Nr. 0509), one of our fellow owners in the UK and a 911 40th Ambassador.  If anyone has questions or needs to reach Steve send a message to the Registry by clicking here or email  

Steve is organising a meeting of our cars at the Silverstone Classic. As many of you already know, this is a great event with a great mix of static car displays, close racing and trade stands.  Last year there were 20 of our cars scheduled to attend and we were accepted as a car club for the event and allocated our own designated display area. (Steve had asked for this to be next to / near the 996 Owners Club area) but unfortunately the event was cancelled due to Covid-19. The event has now been confirmed for this year so hopefully we can pick up where we left off and possibly get more of us together. 

The event runs from Friday 30th July to Sunday 1st August.  Some people are due to attend for the full weekend but as with last years plan Steve thinks its best to aim for the main meet up to be on Saturday 31st July as the Saturday seemed to be the best option for most people.  Email or message the Registry for the discount code that we were allocated, which should still be able to be used on the Silverstone Classic website.  Visit with the Car Club discount to get parking / display entry ticket.  Silverstone should make up a feather flag with Porsche 911 40th Anniversary Edition Registry printed on it to make it easier to find our spot.

Please let Steve know when you’ve booked tickets, the discount runs out on 31-Mar and Club display tickets can’t be booked after 31-May.
There's a bit more admin for Steve to do and It looks like final acceptance of the club & parking location is allocated after club ticket sales have stopped on 31-May so It’s important to book using the code or we won’t get the parking allocated.

Nr. 1374 passes 400,000 miles!

Posted November, 2019

Congrats to Steve in Minnesota (USA) whose Nr. 1374 passed the 400,000 mile mark in November 2019!  His is the highest 40 Jahre 911 on record!​


Annual UK 40ths Meet-Up at Lotherton

Posted August 10, 2019

Many thanks, as always, to Tony Murphy for organizing the annual 40th meet-up at Lotherton. Here are some pics from Tony (Nr. 0349) and from Paul (Nr. 0427) - the third 40th in the pics is owned by Paul and Tracy (Nr. 0696) and they were also joined by 40th owner Tony (Nr. 0015), although he did not have his 40th with him. Well done, everyone!


NOTICE!  SUNDAY AUGUST 4TH - Annual UK 40ths Meet-Up at Lotherton

Posted July 30, 2019

It's that time of year again, so all of you UK 40th owners get ready to meet at Lotherton! Tony Murphy has again graciously agreed to coordinate the event and asked me to share these details. Please contact Tony if you can go and with any questions:


Date: Sunday 4th August

Venue: Lotherton Hall, (LS25 3EB)

Arrival: 10am onwards

Price: £8.00 per adult £4 for children on that gate or £7.50 / £3.50 online from Lotherton Hall's on website (this includes access to the house, gardens and wildlife world).


Join Porsche Club at Lotherton Hall for the Yorkshire Region’s annual celebration of everything Porsche, sponsored by Leeds based specialist Strasse and Specialist Cars of Malton.


Attracting hundreds of Porsches every year there is something for everyone, from the concours competition, displays from Strasse and SCOM, race cars, trade village, Hog Roast, live band and hopefully great weather!


Open to Club members and ALL Porsche enthusiasts, the entry includes admission to the hall and estate. Tickets can be purchased on the gate, but will be charged at the standard Lotherton Hall admissions price or online via Lotherton Halls website. Non-Porsche park will be available within the grounds. 996 40th Anniversary Model owners will have their own designated parking area, please mention to a Marshal you are a 40th AE owner when entering the main parking area.


If you need any further details, information, where to stay etc please contact Tony Murphy



Best regards,



Six 911 40ths Meet at the Annual Yorkshire Porsche Festival at Lotherton Hall

Posted August 15, 2018

On August 5th, our UK-based owners once again assembled for the annual Yorkshire Porsche Festival at Lotherton Hall. This year six of them participated, led again by Tony Murphy (Nr. 0349). The other five cars were:

0013 - Michael
0148 - Brent
0427 - Paul
0697 - Rob
0698 - Ian

Thanks so much to Tony for all of his hard work - you will see a screenshot of a message that he asked us to share.

Well done, gents! Now let's see if any of our other members can best your record of eight cars assembled last year, possibly at a meet-up being considered in the Midwestern USA this Fall (details will be communicated).





Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 10.05.26
plates blurred with numbers.jpg

NOTICE! Yorkshire Porsche Festival at Lotherton Hall - Sunday 5th August

Posted July 21, 2018


The UK-based 911 40th owners will again assemble for the annual Yorkshire Porsche Festival at Lotherton Hall, which this year is on Sunday, August 5, 2018. Tony Murphy (Nr. 0349) is coordinating the group again this year. He is happy to answer questions and can be reached at

Best of luck everyone - let's see you beat least year's record of 8 cars!

Here is the event information from Tony:


Like last year we will have a designated display area for 40th AE models and we would like to get as many cars together as possible, maybe we can get into double figures this year! I know everyone who attended last year had an enjoyable day and hopefully this year we be even better.

Lotherton Hall will again be ringing to the sound of 600 hundred Porches as the Yorkshire Region comes together with Strasse and Specialist Cars to celebrate everything Porsche. This is the Yorkshire Region's biggest event of the year, and a great opportunity for everyone to come together in one place.

Entry will be £6 per car for tickets purchased in advance through the Porsche Club GB online shop (online ticket sales close July 31). Note you do not have to be a club member to buy tickets in advance online.


Entry on the day is £7.50 per adult and £3.75. The advance tickets represent amazing value for money. The admission price all gives access to the bird garden, house gardens, walks in the park and to the play area. So one advance ticket gets two adults and 2 children in for £6!






911 40ths Well-Represented at 2018 PCA Porsche Parade!

Posted July 21, 2018

The Porsche Parade is one of the single largest annual gatherings sponsored by the Porsche Club of America.  This year there were (at least) four of our cars participating:  Josh with his Nr. 0660, his dad Bob with his Nr. 0835, Steve with his Nr. 1293 and Bill with his Nr. 1448.  Well done, everyone!

















Eight 911 40ths meet-up at the Yorkshire Porsche Festival

Posted July 25, 2017

Congrats to our UK owners who assembled eight of our cars together at this year's Porsche Club GB annual Yorkshire Porsche festival at Lotherton Hall.  They bested the previous record number of six that met together previously in April 2015.  Thanks so much to Tony (Nr. 0349) who organised the meet-up. Joining Tony were:

Andrew - Nr. 0016
Paul - Nr. 0049
Paul - Nr. 0427
Paul/Tracy - Nr. 0696
Ian - Nr. 0698
Jonathan - Nr. 0740
Gez - Nr. 1069

Well done!  























Porsche 911 40th anniversary edition 40 Jahre 911


UK 911 40th meet-up at the Yorkshire Porsche Festival, 23 July 2017

Posted June 13, 2017

As part of this year's Porsche Club GB annual Yorkshire Porsche festival at Lotherton Hall, we are hosting a 911 40th meeting and, so far, we have 6 cars attending the event - we would like more! The record number of 40th Anniversary models that have met up together previously (in the world as far as we know) is 6, which took place in the UK in April 2015 (see photo below).


The event takes place on Sunday the 23rd of July 2017 at Lotherton Hall in Yorkshire and is sponsored by Porsche specialists, Strasse and Specialist Cars of Malton, who both bring along some very nice display cars. You can also enjoy viewing the concours cars, trade village, live music or just wandering around the car park, which usually host around 300 Porsches.  


For this event we have arranged a designated parking / display area for all the 40th Anniversary models as it is so rare to get a group of them together. Don't worry cars do not have to be "prepared" there's no competition, it will be just great to have them all together. As I mentioned previously we would really love to beat the previous record of 6 cars, so if you can come along it would be fantastic and I'm sure you will have an enjoyable day.


The event is for all the family, with your admission also giving access to the Georgian house, its formal gardens, bird garden with over 400 species, deer park and children's play area.


Strasse will have the bar open and a hog roast available with all proceeds going to the Candlelighters childrens cancer charity.


Entry to the event is open to everyone, members and non-members alike and costs £6 per car with discounted tickets purchased in advance from the Porsche Club Shop here. (note you do not have to be a member of the Porsche Club).


If you don't buy a ticket in advance, the day standard Lotherton prices apply,  which are £6 for each adult and £3 for each child, whereas through the club its £6 per car however many people are in it!!  Your entry fee not only gets you into the event but access to all the facilities at Lotherton Hall.  Gates open at 10.00am.


Address details are Lotherton Hall, Off Collier Lane, Aberford, Leeds, LS25 3EB

The Hall is situated close to the main A1 & M1 motorways so access is very good.

Please email us to let us know if you can make it -

Porsche 911 40th anniversary edition 40 Jahre 911

Nr. 1457 at the Porsche Parade & Festival Mexico 2017

Posted June 1, 2017

Please enjoy these wonderful photos courtesy of Miguel, original and still owner of Nr. 1457 in Mexico. He and his youngest daughter had a wonderful time at the annual Porsche Parade & Festival Mexcio and represented our cars fantastically (as always). Miguel is an accomplished photographer and racing enthusiast - I encourage everyone to follow his photos, especially on Instagram ( Thank you, Miguel!

Porsche 911 40th anniversary edition 40 Jahre 911

Son joins Father/Mother as 40th Owners!

Posted May 11, 2017

Please join us in welcoming Joshua and his newly purchased Nr. 0660. Joshua joins his father (Bob) and mother (Ellen) in 911 40th ownership. Bob and Ellen purchased Nr. 0835 in August of last year. Here are some pics of their lovely cars. Bob and Ellen's car has the track wheels on it because Ellen is a National Driving Instructor for PCA. Congrats, Joshua!

David in England picks up his SECOND 911 he the FIRST private owner to have two at the same time?

Posted January 8, 2017

We have a two current 911 40th owners who are now on their second 911 40th, after previously having sold their first one. Jeff (owner of Nr. 0164) previously owned Nr. 0263, and Thomas (owner of Nr. 0302) was the original owner of Nr. 0487. Well, our friend David in England (owner of Nr. 1401) has just picked up his second 911 40th, Nr. 0997! Congrats, David, it seems that's a new feat that one owner (not a dealer) owns two of our cars at the same time! If that's wrong hopefully someone will correct us. Cheers!











High praise of our 40th Anniversary 911 cars from Bill Burris of PCA

Posted January 5, 2017


While we are all very proud of our 40ths, it's always nice to see someone with a substantial Porsche pedigree speak fondly of them, too. Here is what Bill Burris of PCA had to say about our cars in the current article on the PCA website about the 996 model. Thanks, Bill!


Bill’s favorite model of 996 and why


Excluding the GT3’s, which are great for the track but difficult to live with the rest of the week, my favorite 996 is the 40th Anniversary edition, sold only in model year 2004 in a limited production run of 1963 units (to commemorate the first year of the 911 in Germany). What’s so great about the car is that it had just about everything an enthusiast would want in the car already installed from the factory – inside and out. The car features a more aggressive turbo nose in the front and polished tips in the back. All the best options (wheels, X50 power) are included in the package, which made it something special. And special it was at $90,565 MSRP.



Nr. 0839 Star at the Porsche Club Mexico Parade 2016

Posted October 2, 2016

Porsche Club México President Juan Matos and his Nr. 0839 were prominent at the 2016 Porsche Parade México. See if you can find his car in the wonderful group photo (it's easier than you might think despite all the cars). Only 6 of our cars were originally delivered to México and Juan is the proud owner of one of them. You likely recall that another one of them, Nr. 1457, is owned by renowned race enthusiast and photographer Miguel Quintana.























Legendary Nr. 1374 reached 300,000 miles!

Posted September 7, 2016

Congratulations to our friend Steve in Minnesota and his legendary Nr. 1374 for reaching heights in a 40th that have never been reached.  His car just hit 300,000 miles and it's on its original IMS! (UPDATE Jan 8, 2017 - Steve's car hit 315,000 miles today!)














911 40th Model and our Registry Featured in GT Porsche Magazine!

Posted August 22, 2016

A big thanks to GT Porsche Magazine for their wonderful article about our 40th Anniversary cars and our kindred model, the C4S, in their June 2016 issue (#175):

In the article, Nr. 1068 (an ultra-low-mileage example on its way to a new owner in the Far East) is prominently featured and our Registry group is described:

"For something a bit more adrenaline-rush exhilarating, the Carrera 2 Anniversary is the one. It's the unsung hero of the 996 line-up...There's a Facebook club for these 40 Jahre cars (, and it documents a regularly updated link with comprehensive histories for most of the 1963 cars, identifying each one's last known whereabouts and current owner, and there's a separate listing of cars where current location isn't known, which in itself makes interesting reading...For a taste of the obscure, the 40th Anniversary car is the more fascinating, and as I've speculated, the limited edition status car with its enhanced specification should appreciate in value..."

Grab your copy of Issue 175 at your soonest opportunity!




Stay tuned for updates on Registry news and activities.  You can also find the latest information about the Registry and the 40 Jahre cars at

Porsche 911 40th anniversary edition 40 Jahre 911
Porsche 911 40th anniversary edition 40 Jahre 911
Porsche 911 40th anniversary edition 40 Jahre 911
Porsche 911 40th anniversary edition 40 Jahre 911
Porsche 911 40th anniversary edition 40 Jahre 911
Porsche 911 40th anniversary edition 40 Jahre 911
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