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IMPORTANT NOTICE!  Here is a listing of 40 Jahre 911 cars and related items (parts, anniversary luggage, etc.) currently listed for sale. We do our best to keep up with these listings but we are not the seller of any of these items and make no promises about the accuracy of the info in the listings nor whether they are still active.  Also, we do NOT vouch for any car, item, or seller, and we make no warranty or guaranty of any kind regarding any car or item, its condition, value, etc.  This list is only intended to be a helpful resource to connect interested buyers with sellers and we earn NO compensation of an type for providing these listings.  This is a FREE service.

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CAR IDENTIFICATION:  Each car's limited edition numbers is used to identify the car if the limited edition number is known. If it is not known a unique number beginning with a "U" is assigned to the car and that "U" number denotes its place in the Registry list of cars without known limited edition numbers.

QUESTIONS?  If you have questions about any of these specific cars or items or about the 40 Jahre 911 model in general please feel free to contact us at 40jahre911@gmail.com and we will be happy to try to help you.  We have available records on a substantial number of these cars and can often put prospective buyers in touch with a 40 Jahre 911 owner in their local area.

40 Jahre 911 Items for Sale


Tartan Luggage Set

Luggage Set - 2 Suitcases

Luggage Set - 2 Suitcases

40AE Shift Knob Dark Gray Perforated


40 Jahre 911 rear/engine lid badge

40 Jahre 911 rear/engine lid badge

Swarovski Porsche 911 40 Jahre Nr. 03181

Minichamps 40 Jahre 911

996 40th Anniversary NOS front wheel new in box

40 Jahre 911 Cars for Sale (by country in alphabetical order)


0872 - KV Company in Ardooie, Belgium - 40,911E with 91,614km

1059 - Peter in Menen, Belgium - 42,500E with 94,000km

Czech Republic:

0421 - Engine Prague, s.r.o. in Prague, Czech Republic - 29,900E with 134,109km


1187 - Kristian in Helsinki, Finland - 44,911E with 145,000km


0069 - HBS Automobiles in Dommartin-lès-Toul, France - 54,900E with 84,497km

0111 - audi (leboncoin.fr) in Reims, France - with 58,000km

0111 - AUB'AUTO in Rosieres-Pres-Troyes, France - with 56,941km

0115 - Passion Automobile MDC in Orchamps-Vennes, France - 42,000E with 144,000km

0357 - Centre Service Porsche Poitiers - 54,000E with 42,364km

1352 - SP-Auto - in Chevigny-Saint-Sauveur, France - 49,590E with 99,329km

1352 - M. ou Mme. M in Dept 39 France - 47,500E with 101,500km

U1731 - SpeedStar in Paris Ouest - La Défense, France - 54,000E with 75,000km


0000 (a Pre-Production Model) - Private Seller in Coburg, Germany - 99,000E with 112,657km

0062 - Herrlinger Auto-Klassik in Munich, Germany - 94,000E with 50,000km

0201 - CS Auto + Immobilien GmbH in Regen, Germany - 69,980E with 27,000km

0226 - Carl Michaelis Automobile GmbH in Hannover, Germany - 39,996E with 110,000km

0359 - Ralph in Munich, Germany - 56,699E with 67,996km

0384 - Porsche Zentrum Wuppertal - 49,900E with 89,612km

0542 - Classic Center Koln in Koln, Germany - 54,996E with 65,074km

0613 - Levy Classic Cars in Köln, Germany - 42,440E with 99,872km

0688 - Private Seller in Gilching, Germany - 46,900E with 137,800km

0728 (also listed below under USA) - TPMotors in Ilmenau, Germany with car located in Los Angleles, CA - 45,600E with 63,411km

0845 - Herrlinger Auto-Klassik in Munich, Germany - 128,000E with 22,000km

0923 - Autohaus Hoelle GmbH in Bahlingen, Germany - 83,500E with 29,500km

1330 - Autosalon Isartal in Baierbrunn, Germany - 59,900E with 31,900km

1380 - Automotive Passion GmbH in Halstenbek, Germany - 39,890E with 98,653km

U772 - Moviecars.de: Filmfahrzeuge & Stuntfahrzeuge in Berlin, Germany - listed with 42,275km

U1719 - Dewald Automobiles in Knittlingen, Germany - 56,440E with 58,890km

U1723 - Private Seller in Solingen, Germany - 42,390E with 80,000km


1249 - Nicolas Alexacos in Politia, Greece - 65,000BP with 90,120km


0380 - Garage Current in Kanagawa, Japan - 4,850,000 yen with 87,000km

U1759 - Sakata Automobile Sales in Hiroshima - 4.300,000 yen with 70,000km


0200 - Andrei Tchmil in Chisnau, Moldova - (NOTE: The car can be sold in EU without paying import taxes as they were already paid. It just has to be registered again in EU (the cost is around 500-1000 eur). The car should be sold in EU (not in Moldova). He can organize the transportation in case the customer does not want to pick it up - if interested send email to 40jahre911@gmail.com to be put in contact with Andrei)

The Netherlands:

0191 - RiVeCo in Doorn - 49,500E with 64,173km

1039 - Next Classics in Limmen - 52,500E with 61,000km


0707 - Arek in Sosnowiec, Poland - 179,000PLN with 86,500km


1063 - Private seller in Barcelona, Spain - 53,600E with 109,000km


0629 - Dr. Daniel Siepmann in Meilen, Switzerland - 59,000CHF with 74,000km

U1696 - Greg in Gland, Switzerland - 43,800CHF with 102,000km


0745 - Graeme in West Cumbria, England - 29,000BP with 74,000 miles (contact info:  phone 07500706666, email Stashgooner@hotmail.co.uk)

1262 - JR Motor Company in Coventry, England - 34,995BP with 53,000 miles

1401 - David in Worcester, England - at auction with 71,364 miles


0169 - Richard in Hoboken, NJ - $52,500 with 11,135 miles

0728 (also listed below under USA) - TPMotors in Ilmenau, Germany with car located in Los Angleles, CA - 45,600E with 63,411km

1206 - Copart in Sacramento, CA (salvage auction) with 56,282 miles

1414 - Dave in Virginia Beach, VA - 22,000 miles - email Drobicha@odu.edu for photos and info

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