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40 Jahre 911 Cars & Items

Currently for Sale



IMPORTANT NOTICE!  Here is a listing of 40 Jahre 911 cars and related items (parts, anniversary luggage, etc.) currently listed for sale. We do our best to keep up with these listings but we are not the seller of any of these items and make no promises about the accuracy of the info in the listings nor whether they are still active.  Also, we do NOT vouch for any car, item, or seller, and we make no warranty or guaranty of any kind regarding any car or item, its condition, value, etc.  This list is only intended to be a helpful resource to connect interested buyers with sellers and we earn NO compensation of an type for providing these listings.  This is a FREE service.

TO REQUEST THAT A CAR OR ITEM BE ADDED TO THIS PAGE:  To add a 40 Jahre 911 or related item to this list please send an email to

CAR IDENTIFICATION:  Each car's limited edition numbers is used to identify the car if the limited edition number is known. If it is not known a unique number beginning with a "U" is assigned to the car and that "U" number denotes its place in the Registry list of cars without known limited edition numbers.

QUESTIONS?  If you have questions about any of these specific cars or items or about the 40 Jahre 911 model in general please feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to try to help you.  We have available records on a substantial number of these cars and can often put prospective buyers in touch with a 40 Jahre 911 owner in their local area.

40 Jahre 911 Items for Sale

911 40th Wheels (used)

Swarovski Crystal 40 Jahre 911

Car Nr. 0246 - being parted out by B-Parts

Car Nr. 0871 - car being parted out by PMP Euro Auto in Vancouver, BC, Canada -

4-piece luggage set

4-piece luggage set

Porsche 996 Anniversary Rear Seat Base Panels - New

Rear engine lid script logo

911 40th Invitation - France


40 Jahre 911 Cars for Sale (by country in alphabetical order)


0413 - Carmax Auto Group in Burnaby, BC - 138,888CAD with 17,398km

0871 - car being parted out by PMP Euro Auto in Vancouver, BC -

0901 - Oakville Porsche in Oakville, ONT - 44,900CAD with 166,366km




0037 - Service Negoce Conseil in La Garde, France - 55,500E with 82,716km

0069 - HBS Automobiles in Dommartin-lès-Toul, France - 49,850E with 84,497km

0142 - M ou Mme S in Dept 98, France - 58,000E with 97,000km

0185 - BriceG (Leboncoin) in Gergy, France - 56,000E with 104,000km

0872 - CENTRE BH - BHCAR ANGOULÈME in Puymoyen, France - 52,200E with 109,000km

1074 - Taste & Classics in Trevoux, France - 56,000E with 59,430km


0127 - Autohaus Hillebrand & Huge GmbH - Huge Automobile in Muenster, Germany - 78,540E with 67,130km

0664 - Private seller in Kladow, Germany - 65,000E with 90,000km

0735 - Fabryka Klasykow in Germany (car in Poland) - 59,900E with 44,500km

0923 - Autohaus Hoelle GmbH in Bahlingen, Germany - 83,500E with 29,500km

1055 - Automobil Center in Fürstenwalde/Spree, Germany - 74,980E with 20,830km

1142 - Private Seller in Neuburg an der Donau - 59,000E with 66,800km

1197 - Autosalon Reinhold in Hof, Germany - 75,000E with 48,250km


0189 - Auto Per Passione in Cazzano Sant'Andrea, Italy - 76,800E with 110,000km

0569 - Rz Motori in Rome, Italy - 64,900E with 98,523km



0362 - Heeres Auto's in Parrega, NL - 54,995E with 101,197km

0373 -  Lammertink Sportscars in Enter, NL - 52,995E with 112,930km




U1973 - Private seller in Dubai - 129,900E with 85,447km


0180 - Squire Cars in Gwent/Abertillery, South Wales - 36,000BP with 76,078 miles


0288 - Gary in Fareham, England - 46,000BP with 19,800 miles

0696 - Gareth in London - listed with 85,000 miles (use contact page on this Registry website to connect with Gareth)

0741 - Daniel Sharples in Coventry, England - 45,000BP with 25,000 miles (contact at 07971268727 or

0794 - Templetons Garage in Northamptonshire, England - 39,995BP with 71,000 miles

1409 - Friends Green Porsche in Herts, England - 42,996BP with 42,282 miles


0154 - Nehmaiz in Pompano Beach, FL - at auction with 36,400 miles

0234 - AaronCCG selling from Chicago, IL - was at auction on BringaTrailer with 50,000 miles - reserve was not met - unsure of status

0446 - Sam in Citrus Heights, CA - $40,446 with 71,700 miles (listing expired but still for sale)

0466 - Sean Gervais in Minnesota - listed for sale by formarara on Rennlist - $50,000 with 56,804, miles

0470 - Stu in Kansas City, MO - $42,999 with 51,900 miles

0903 - Private Seller in Los Angeles, CA - $73,000 with 18,370 miles (listing still active on Rennlist but not sure if still for sale)

1027 - euromachines (eBay) in Pompano Beach, FL - $54,500 with 105,000 miles

1285 - Porsche Bellevue in Bellevue, WA - $41,851 with 46,447 miles

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