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IMPORTANT NOTICE!  Here is a listing of 40 Jahre 911 cars and related items (parts, anniversary luggage, etc.) currently listed for sale. We do our best to keep up with these listings but we are not the seller of any of these items and make no promises about the accuracy of the info in the listings nor whether they are still active.  Also, we do NOT vouch for any car, item, or seller, and we make no warranty or guaranty of any kind regarding any car or item, its condition, value, etc.  This list is only intended to be a helpful resource to connect interested buyers with sellers and we earn NO compensation of an type for providing these listings.  This is a FREE service.

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CAR IDENTIFICATION:  Each car's limited edition numbers is used to identify the car if the limited edition number is known. If it is not known a unique number beginning with a "U" is assigned to the car and that "U" number denotes its place in the Registry list of cars without known limited edition numbers.

QUESTIONS?  If you have questions about any of these specific cars or items or about the 40 Jahre 911 model in general please feel free to contact us at 40jahre911@gmail.com and we will be happy to try to help you.  We have available records on a substantial number of these cars and can often put prospective buyers in touch with a 40 Jahre 911 owner in their local area.

40 Jahre 911 Items for Sale

996 40th Anniversary NOS front wheel new in box

Porsche 996 Bra 40th Anniversary w Fender Guard PNA70642003

Porsche 911 40th Anniversary shift boot

Porsche 911 40th handbrake

Porsche 911 40 Jahre Luggage 996 Umbrella Leather Suitcases 40th Anniversary

1 suitcase/laptop case (not part of original 4-piece set)

2 suitcases

2 suitcases

2 suitcases

Door Sills

Door Sills


40 Jahre 911 rear/engine lid badge

Porsche 996 Anniversary Rear Seat Base Panels - New


40 Jahre 911 Cars for Sale (by country in alphabetical order)


1186 - sprl Automobiles Week-end in Uccle, Belgium - 42,990E with 111,910km


1331 - Porsche Centre Vancouver in British Columbia - 47,995CAD with 154,290km



0069 - HBS Automobiles in Dommartin-lès-Toul, France - 49,200E with 84,497km

0139 - Arnaud in Audenge, France - 52,900E with 89,200km

0142 - Private seller in Dept 06, France - 52,500E with 92,000km

0248 - LeDass in Paris, France - 52,000E with 130,000km

0357 - Pharaon (leboncoin) in Brillon, France - 60,000E with 45,000km

0617 - SAMY971 (Leboncoin) in Chaligny, France - 48,000E with 123,228km

0970 - GT Classic in Chaumont en Vexin, France - 50,900E with 134,000km

1074 - Taste & Classics in Trevoux, France - 56,000E with 59,430km

1522 - Careco VO in Gerstheim, France - listed with 54,310km (car is also listed at Porsche Danderyd in Sweden)


0062 - Herrlinger Auto-Klassik in Munich, Germany - 94,000E with 50,000km

0078 - Private seller in Schwalmtal, Germany - 50,996E with 38,800km

0201 - CS Auto in Regen, Germany - 85,890E with 27,000km

0384 - Astoria Automobile GmbH in Kaarst, Germany - 54,911E with 90,048km

0628 - Pry Automobile und Vertriebs GmbH in Heidelberg, Germany - 68,900E with 69,550km

0735 - Private seller in Schrobenhausen, Germany - 65,996E with 39,800km

0845 - Herrlinger Auto-Klassik in Munich, Germany - 128,000E with 22,000km

0923 - Autohaus Hoelle GmbH in Bahlingen, Germany - 83,500E with 29,500km

0980 - Lehmann Automobile in Menden, Germany - 54,000E with 53,624km


1249 - Nicolas Alexacos in Politia, Greece - 65,000BP with 90,120km


0189 - Private seller in Este,Italy - 60,500E with 107,000km

0569 - RZ Motori in Rome, Italy - 59,000E with 96,523km


0366 - Shoeiauto in Aichi Prefecture, Japan - 5,185,000 yen with 130,500km

0380 - Garage Current in Kangawa, Japan - 5,482,000 yen with 99,133km


0562 - Julià 911 - Porsche Specialist in Barcelona, Spain - 46,996E with 104,151km (marked as reserved in Apr 2022)


0354 - Garage 11 AB in Oxie, Sweden - 75,996E with 60,742km

1522 - Porsche Center Danderyd in Danderyd, Sweden - 635,000kr with 54,310km




1106 - Pani GmbH in Basel, Switzerland - 55,000CHF with 38,000km



0017 - (Collision damage car) Keith in England - 15,000BP with approx. 92,000 miles (contact Keith at 07920 588757 car located close to Henley on Thames)

0455 - London LHD Centre in London, England - listed with 9,820 miles (LHD USA origin car)

0625 - Max in London, England - 36,990BP with 65,000 miles

0696 - Marshall & Son Motors Ltd. in Walsall, UK - 34,999BP with 83,000 miles

0741 - JR Motors in Coventry, England - 49,995BP with 25,000 miles

1069 - Gez in London, England - 31,995BP with 93,000 miles (contact by phone 07813 829428) - click here for video

1072 - Michael in Banbury, England - 35,000BP with 80,200 miles (contact at contactmichaelandrew@gmail.com)

1258 - 911 Virgin in Iver Heath, England - 59,995BP with 12,000 miles

1401 - Ashgood Porsche in Horton, England - 30,000BP as is (no miles shown) - car was advertised on dealer's Instagram story

1477 - JZM Porsche in Hertfordshire, England - 48,900BP with 17,435 miles



0536 - John in Princeton, NJ - $26,995 with 52,000 miles

0678 - Fermin in North Carolina - $27,000 with 173,000 miles (sale is in a Facebook group)

1090 - Facebook seller in Oklahoma, City (salvage title) - $27,500 with 82,000 miles

1139 - Robbie in Minnesota - best offer over $57,000 with 39,900 miles (reach him by phone at 612-325-7350)

1342 - Chris in Bel Air, MD - $39,500 with 74,430 miles (Chris informed us that he is the second owner and that the car has 74,430 miles, service book, both keys, clean title, and a clean Carfax, although it does have a ding in the front bumper that he will discuss with prospective buyers. Contact him at striperpl@gmail.com if interested.)

1513 - Motorgroup LLC in Scottsdale, AZ - $47,995 with 58,321 miles