New Members to Welcome


45 New Owners and Former Owners Join Us!

Posted November 9, 2019

Please join us in wishing a warm welcome to this group of 45 owners and former owners who have joined the Registry!  It has taken a while to get this list out so some of the folks have now recently sold their cars, but we of course still welcome them.  Some of these owners are selling their cars, one owner (William in Arizona) is on his second 40th, and we have one owner (Barry in Poland) who has joined David in England as being an owner who at one time has owned two 40ths!  Welcome everyone!

0004 Petter in Sweden (recently sold)
0030 Mark in Evergreen, CO
0136 Koenraad in Belgium (limited edition number being confirmed)
0142 Matheiu in France
0209 Ron in Midlothian, VA (recently sold)
0214 Bryant in Fallbrook, CA
0262 Rick in Punta Gorda, FL
0268 Jason in Singapore
0305 David in Memphis, TN
0328 William in Paradise Valley, AZ (previously owned Nr. 0160)
0397 Ricky in Melbourne, FL
0400 David in Huntsville, AL (for sale)
0414 Bill in Crockett, TX
0428 Steve in the UK
0429 Gordon in Horsham, England
0481 Tim in Spokane, WA (recently sold)
0583 Joshua and Nancy in Laguna Beach, CA
0713 Ray in Petaluma, CA
0718 Sal in the Bronx, NY
0745 Graeme in England
0821 Jamie in the USA    
0861 Private owner in England
0886 Randall in San Francisco, CA
0893 Jeff in Flagstaff, AZ
0935 Kenn in Ontario, Canada
0951 Mark in Mt. Kisco, NY (recently sold)
0993 Matthew in Surrey, England
1013 Mike in Brentwood, TN
1044 Jarko in Sweden
1051 Michael in Germany
1068 Peter in West Midlands, England
1082 John in Matthews, NC
1083 Luke in Brooklyn, NY
1086 Robert and JoJo in Park City, UT
1101 Ken in Greenville, SC
1140 Steve in Ft. Mill, SC
1141 Steve in Londonderry, NH (for sale)
1191 Great Escape Cars in Wales, UK
1226 Brandon in Sacramento, CA
1243 Gilles in Marseille, France
1256 Ken in Oxfordshire, England
1267 and 1501 Barry in Poland
1269 Matthew in San Francisco, CA
1376 csuzz in Illinois
1447 Mark in Gainesville, VA

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