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66 Owners to Welcome!

Posted October 10, 2020

It has been a long time since we welcomed a group of owners to the Registry, and we have a big group to welcome today!  First, we want to recognize Jeremy and his Nr. 0400 because, thanks to him, there is now another 40th in our Registry manager's town again!  Nr. 0773 left a few years ago.  The photo below is of their two cars together (Ted's Nr. 0711 is on the right, Jeremy's Nr. 0400 is on the left).  It is also fun to be able to welcome owners from countries where there are very few of our cars, like Iceland, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Korea, Sweden, and more.  We also welcome matelko from the forum Carpassion who was the original owner of Nr. 0917 and our friend Philip Raby who is selling yet another beautiful 40th in England.  Please join me in wishing all of these owners a warm welcome!  


0609 Jason (Queensland)

0906 Jason (Queensland)



0659 Geoffrey



0867 Keith (Ontario)

0892 Dan (Saskatchewan)

1331 Afshin (British Columbia)



1064 Dan



0114 Thomas

0345 Emmanuel

1354 Christophe (son Arnaud)



0100 Michael

0150 Carsten

0194 Marcel

0377 Kevin

0615 Clemens

0917 matelko (Carpassion) former owner






0812 Jihyun


The Netherlands

0373 Ronnie


New Zealand

(numbered plaque missing) Paul


South Africa

1298 Nik



1358 Henrik



1106 Pani GmbH / Nicola Azzarito



0017 Keith (England)

0794 Andy (England)

1070 Philip Raby Specialist Cars (England)

1129 Graham (South Wales)



0162 Vickie (Arizona)

0171 Nelson (Puerto Rico)

0209 Lance (Virginia)

0227 Mike (Massachusetts)

0228 Frank (New York)

0259 Tony (Massachusetts - recently sold)

0262 Jeff and Brenda (Florida)

0313 Chris and Mary (Texas)

0323 Eddie (Washington)

0336 Kai (Arizona)

0398 Kent (California - previously owned Nr. 1095)

0400 Jeremy (Missouri)

0418 Harald (Texas)

0459 Manfred (Nebraska)

0460 Rob (California)

0482 Christian (Idaho)

0483 Betsy (Washington)

0522 Cory (Alabama)

0547 Shamus (Oregon)

0675 Albert (Colorado)

0676 Romel (New York)

0714 Guy (Texas)

0754 Robert (California)

0951 Nat (Massachusetts)

0958 Syd (California)

0960 Otto & Hans (California)

1011 Kaynan (New Jersey)

1025 Dan (California)

1089 Eric (California)

1098 Pete (California)

1139 Robbie (Minnesota)

1141 John (Connecticut)

1147 Connie (Colorado)

1160 Albert (Vermont)

1208 Eric (California)

1227 Michael (Pennsylvania)

1276 John (California)

1343 Jerry (Texas)

1383 Joe (Pennsylvania)

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