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The Registry Car Lists

(updated May 17, 2024)



How to Read and Download the Lists

You can read and download the lists by clicking on the links below.  Also, there is another link where you can access both car lists as well as some other documents related to our 40 Jahre cars.  We have two car lists.  The first list catalogs the cars whose limited edition numbers are known.  The second shows cars whose limited edition numbers have not yet been identified.  There is undoubtedly some duplication in the lists.  Anyone with information about any of these cars can contact us at

Registry Car List (cars with known limited edition numbers)

Unknown Car List (cars whose limited edition numbers are not yet known)

Additional documents relating to 40 Jahre 911 cars (this link takes you to a Dropbox folder)


As with many groups formed to enjoy their association with a numbered, limited edition car, we have created a listing of our cars that catalogues these unique vehicles and, where known, recounts their history for our current ownership community and for generations of future owners. This listing provides a great opportunity for current 40 Jahre owners to store the details of their cars and to find information on the history of their cars from the time before their ownership.  Private details of the owners, past and present, are not given to anyone without permission.


Information about each car's owners and histories that is shown in the listing is based on publicly available information and information provided with permission by past and present owners. In certain cases we may have additional details about a particular car, but those details are not provided in the Registry listing. You may contact us with questions about a specific car, which we will provide if permitted. It is very important to understand, that our 40 Jahre Registry community does not require any payments nor do we endeavor to enjoy any financial benefit from our work.  Our Registry does not have any affiliation with Porsche as a company or a brand, or any particular dealership, seller, club, etc.  There is no monetary benefit involved - this is not a business but, instead, is a free mechanism to allow car enthusiasts all over the world the opportunity to learn about the 40 Jahre cars, enjoy their heritage, and share stories about their present experiences through our social media pages (Facebook -, Instagram - @91140thregistry, and Twitter - @91140th).


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